Some of Barry Shy's known
Companies / Company Associations
Shy Development Inc.

S.B. Investments Inc.

Barry Shy Development Co., Inc

Mini LLC



Labar LLC

Moraga Investment Group

5th Street Lofts LLC

5th Street Loft LLC

7th Street Lofts

7th Loft LLC

Barry's Loft

Barry Lofts

SB Lofts

S B Lofts

Shybary Grand (312 W. 5th Street)

Shybarry Grand

SB Grand

SB Manhattan (215 W. 6th St, Los Angeles)

SB Main (111 W. 7th St, Los Angeles)

SB Spring (650 S. Spring St, Los Angeles)

SB Tower (600 S. Spring St, Los Angeles)

Shy Barry Tower II (601 S. Main St, Los Angeles)

SB Tower II

SBG Management

SB Properties

Manhattan Loft, LLC

Barry Shy Properties don't appear to actively carry or market his name in the online advertising, but it appears the main website for Barry Shy's Downtown Los Angeles properties is called SB Properties and is located at webaddress:

We believe this to be an incomplete, yet accurate list of some of Barry Shy's company names - Barry Shy Downtown Los Angeles real estate developer. Most of this information came from inside the developer's public court records as well as articles in The Los Angeles Downtown News. If you have any additions to the site, or see any incorrect information, please contact us at so that we can make any corrections or additions.